Broadway in New York City isn't the only place to see world-class theatre. Across the United States, there are many terrific regional theatres, and one of the best is right here in the Land of Lincoln.

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If you love going to the theatre I would argue that you should live closer to Chicago than New York City. Chicago in my opinion is the best theatre city in the US. And I have to back me up, it released a list of the Best Regional Theatres in the US, and Chicago's Goodman Theatre (of course) makes the list. If you don't know the Goodman Theatre in Chicago is where some of the best theatre in the US happens, on the site they say this about the Goodman...

"The Goodman Theatre has been a Chicago fixture for more than 8 decades. As the city’s oldest active theatre of its kind, Goodman’s accolades include a 1992 Regional Theatre Tony Award -- an honor that 3 other Chicago-based companies have also received, making Chicago the most recognized city in the US for this honor."

To see the full list of great regional theatres in the US just click here!

I spent years living in Chicago auditioning, and performing in shows all around the city. The Goodman isn't the only place in Chicago to see terrific theatre. Steppenwolf, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Looking Glass, and Victory Gardens, are some others just to name a few if you want more information on some of these world-class theatres just click here!

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