If you've ever done a renovation on an older home that hasn't had recent updates, you know what surprises sometimes hide in the walls. That was the case for one Illinois family who discovered a 1959 original McDonalds bags in the wall and there was still food in them.

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I saw this story being carried nationally by Fox 5 out of Washington, D.C. It included a mention that Rob Jones had shared this historic fast food discovery on Reddit, so I reached out to him and he was kind enough to share. Rob and his wife live in Crystal Lake, Illinois near one of the first McDonald's restaurants.

According to the Fox 5 story, Rob and his wife were removing a toilet paper handle from the wall. Inside the wall, they found a rag which had bags inside of it. After unwrapping the rag, this is what they found.

Photo courtesy of Rob Jones/u/slamminsammy2109 via Reddit
Photo courtesy of Rob Jones/u/slamminsammy2109 via Reddit

These bags are so old, it predates Ronald McDonald becoming the mascot for the franchise. In 1959, the brand was fronted by "Speedee". According to the corporate McDonald's website, when "Speedee" was the mascot, they sold hamburgers for 15 cents.  It wasn't until 1955 that Ray Croc opened the first McDonald's east of the Mississippi River and the one in Crystal Lake, Illinois was one of those few.

Thanks again to Rob for the share of his vintage McDonald's find. Guessing no one will be taste-testing those 63-year-old fries anytime soon.

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