High School Football may be more of a religion in Missouri than Illinois BUT when it comes to putting people into the NFL there's no doubt the Land of Lincoln reigns over the Show Me State.

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Football season is officially upon us, we will now have a professional or college game of football every week from now until the Super Bowl. Since I moved down state Illinois to Quincy, on the boarder with Missouri, I have discovered that Missourians are extremely passionate about their High School Football. But the data shows passion doesn't mean success in getting to the NFL.

According to AJC.com there are more NFL players that come from Florida than any other state (this data from a year ago going into the 2020 pandemic season, rosters haven't been finalized for the 2021 season yet so we don't have this years number yet). The state of Florida produced 284 NFL players last year, 36 more players than California in 2nd place with 248 players. ILLINOIS ranks 12th on the list of States with the Most NFL Players, they had 70 going into the 2020 season, meanwhile Missouri ranked 18th on the list with only 40 players. To see the complete list just click here! 

I got to be honest I'm kind of shocked and disappointed that Missouri and Illinois aren't producing MORE NFL talent, there is a ton of great athletes across both these states and not just in the St. Louis, Kansas City, and Chicagoland areas. Why do you think more players from Missouri and Illinois aren't making it into the NFL?

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