If you live in Illinois and are looking to retire in 2022 then your best bet to have a good retirement is to leave Illinois, a ranking places the Land of Lincoln near the bottom of the list for states to retire in.

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According to WalletHub.com Illinois is ranked as the 45th best state to retire in this year. That ranking puts Illinois among states like New Jersey, Mississippi, New York, Kentucky, and Oklahoma as the worst states in the country to retire in, in fact even West Virginia ranked higher than the Land of Lincoln on this list.

Why is Illinois so low? Well, the list ranks the states based on a number of factors including Affordability, which Illinois ranked 47th out of 50 in, but Illinois ranks 23rd in Quality of Life and 21st in Healthcare. If you dig deeper into WalletHub's rankings you'll find Illinois 50th in their Taxpayer ranking, and 39th for the percentage of people over 65. To see the full list of rankings for yourself click here!

For our listeners on the other side of the Mississippi River in Missouri, there is some good news, Missouri ranks 17th out of 50 for best states to retire in this year, the main reason for the high ranking is that Missouri ranks 20th in affordability.

I'm not shocked that Illinois is this low on the list, but if I were a politician and I was really trying to make a difference in turning Illinois around this would be an area I would focus strongly on. If you want people to not leave your state you need to make it easier and more affordable to retire in your state, you already have bad weather you cant compete with Florida on that front, don't be worse weather AND more expensive.

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