Snow is annoying and frustrating to deal with, but if you live in Missouri you should be hoping for A LOT of it this year, but why? Here are the details on why the Governor of Missouri says he hopes snow is in the forecast...

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According to Fox 2 Now, the governor of Missouri, Mike Parson, is hoping for a TON of snowfall this winter, just not in the Show-Me State. In an article on their site, Fox 2 Now says...

"It’s been the topic of the summer: drought. Experts said at Tuesday’s Drought Assessment Committee meeting that conditions are expected to persist into the winter months...Missouri Governor Mike Parson said he’s hoping for large snowfalls in the northern states this winter to help with navigation on the rivers...The drought continues to take a toll on one of Missouri’s largest industries. The lack of rainfall leaves farmers to make tough decisions, like sending cattle to market early."

To read more about this need for snow to help Missouri, click here!

To summarize, if you live in Missouri right now just know that lots of snow in the state and in the states that feed the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers is a good thing for your agriculture and economy.

So which "northern states" is Governor Mike Parson hoping to get this snowfall that will feed the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers? According to Wikipedia, the Missouri River forms in Montana and is fed to by North and South Dakota, while the Mississippi River starts in Minnesota and is fed to by Wisconsin as well as Lake Michigan and Illinois.

When you are watching the weather channel this winter keep your fingers crossed for lots and lots of snow in Missouri, Montana, the Dakotas, Wisconsin, & Minnesota.

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