Quincy Raceways is for sale, this is the best use for the space in my opinion.

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So according to an article in the Herald- Whig (to see the article click here) the 28.5 acre property known as Quincy Raceways is for sale, and may eventually go up for auction. That is a massive amount of property 28.5 acres, that's about 21 football fields worth of land! So naturally I got to thinking, and here is my plan for what someone (someone who is very wealthy, or connected to wealthy investors) should do with the land.

First and foremost whoever buys this should keep and improve the raceways itself, we have a lot of racing fans here in the Tri-States and that shouldn't be something that we lose. My next step would be to build a 8,000 plus seat minor league baseball stadium, something that could be home to a new minor league team, or a team that is looking to move to a new home. This stadium would be the new focal point for entertainment, not only for baseball games BUT also for concerts, you could attract larger acts to come and fill that stadium plus standing room on the field. With an updated raceways plus a new minor league baseball stadium, you'd also be smart to get a hotel contract to build a new hotel out there.

Obviously this is just a pipe dream but I think it would be amazing to see it come true! What would you love to see happen to the Quincy Raceways when it sells?

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