With the crazy winter storm headed our way, many warnings are coming in from the National Weather Service in St. Louis. And one of them has me seriously on edge right now.

"Flash Freeze".

I have never heard of a "Flash Freeze" before, but when the Illinois Storm Chasers posted on their Facebook page to watch out them, my curiosity took over. Much like a flash flood (which we're all too familiar with in the Midwest), flash freezes happen extremely quickly. Basically, flash freezes happen when the temperature drops at a fast rate, like it did today. We started off the day at 55 degrees and we are suppose to get down to a low of 15 degrees.

The fast drop in temperature combined with the rain creates a flash freeze. It is very important that when you are driving, walking, or doing anything outside to be safe and take your time. With the cold arctic air coming through the Tri-States, is can become icy very quickly.

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