This time it's not a drone or UFO, it's an actual fireball falling from the sky.

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Ok, maybe not a fireball but a meteor that lights up Oklahoma, Texas, and Missouri. The falling meteor was caught on several surveillance cameras and as you can see looks like a huge falling start, but that as it starts to fall you can see how big the meteor really is.

YouTube / News Alert
YouTube / News Alert
loading... says it's hard to predict how many meteors fall each year because so many are unpredicted and go unnoticed. It just happened that this meteor was captured on so many home cameras. We can only hope that this trend will keep continues, with camera-catching meteors, because so many homeowners are moving towards buying security cameras. So many fall into pieces also fall into the ocean and it's hard to know exactly each year how many meteors fall from the sky.

Most (between 90 and 95 percent) of these meteors completely burn up in the atmosphere, resulting in a bright streak that can be seen across the night sky,  However, when meteors survive their high-speed plunge toward Earth and drop to the ground, they are called meteorites.

Make sure if you have a home security camera that you're checking the overnight recording, you never know what might be on that camera and you could catch one of these falling meteors one night.

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