The Mega Millions lottery jackpot has surged up to $475 Million, the 7th largest in history! Your odds may be low, but it still begs the question; what would you do if you won the jackpot?

What would be the first thing you do? Pay off bills, new car, or a new house? Spread your winnings between your family…yeah, me neither. If you’re planning on staying in the Quincy area you’re in luck, according to, houses range from $15,000 to $769,000. That’s in your budget! In fact, even if you took the $309 million cash-out option you could still buy every house in town.

So, you’ve bought every house in town, now what? Of course, you can buy any car you have ever wanted, but I’m thinking about the long game. Dinner. For the meat eaters you could have a juicy 23 oz. Porterhouse T-bone from Texas Roadhouse a savory 17,592,592 times before your winnings ran out. Also, you could do my Mega Millions plan, 34,545,545 Funky Rainbow Rolls from Fuji!

You have until tonight at 10 to pick your six before the winning numbers are drawn. If there isn’t a winner the total rolls over and builds more for the next drawing on Friday.

Written By: Alex Crozier

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