Illinois has so many more iconic foods than just the deep-dish pizza, and the Chicago Style Hot Dog. The biggest food media experts put together a list of the legendary eats across the Land of Lincoln, and there are some foods on this list that you have to try!

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The Food Network has an article on its website called Iconic Illinois Eats: Where to Eat the Greatest Foods in the Land of Lincoln. So which foods make their list of "Iconic" Illinois eats? The foods are...

Bacon-wrapped Chorizo stuffed dates, Maid-Rite sandwiches, Deep Dish Pizza, Apple Fritter, Hackney's Original French Fried Onions, Grand Champion Baby Back Ribs, Hot Dog, Pizza Pot Pie, Cemita Atomica, The Horseshoe, Garret Mix Popcorn, Maxwell Style Polish Sausage, Garlic Rolls and Crab, The Cozy Dog, Smoked Salmon, Steak Jibarito, Roast Beef Sandwich, Pierogis, Pork Tenderloin, The Mr. G, The Rainbow Cone, Fried Chicken, Guacamole del Dia, Italian Lemonade, and Chicken Boti.

To see the full list of foods with restaurants to find them at and photos click here!

So how many have you had? I am ashamed to say as a lifelong Illinoisan I have only had 14 of the 25 iconic foods on this list. There are a bunch of foods I have never heard of like Mr. G's sandwich that looks terrific, the delicious-looking Steak Jibarito, and the Grand Champion Baby Back Ribs who knew we had that in Illinois and didn't tell me? Is there an iconic food in Illinois that was left off this list? My only suggestion would be a Billy Goat Tavern Cheeseburger, or maybe a Portillos Cake Shake.

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