I've never been a fan of real Christmas trees. They're messy and require a lot of maintenance. I think it's just a pain, but that's just me. So if you and I share that stance, then this blog probably isn't for you.

That being said, I know there are many people out there who love the experience of having a real Christmas tree. And to those people, I'd like to introduce you to a place I just heard about.

The Branch Ranch in Philadelphia, Missouri has been named one of the best Christmas tree ranches to visit in the state. According to onlyinyourstate.com, the ranch is home to 5,000 trees (and counting) as well as holiday cookies, candy, and a sense of Christmas everywhere you look.

Am I the only person who had never heard of this place? While I'm no fan of live trees, this place actually looks pretty neat. It looks like a cute, quaint place that might be just the way to spend a December day out with family. I'll definitely have to check this out and who knows, maybe I'll want to start a new family tradition this year.

So whether your tree is real or fake, I'm hopeful that it brings joy to you and your family. That's really all that matters.