Earlier today it was announced that long time Quincy Notre Dame Football coach Bill Connell will be stepping down after 26 years and 186 wins. He's looking to spend more time with his family. Sad news for QND fans, sure, but good on Connell for prioritizing. And he's had a heck of a run, which certainly can't be argued with.

This does leave a big coaching hole in QND's football program. And I know the coaching staff is like 20 deep and they could move any one of them up to the head coaching position. But maybe to take the Raiders into a new era of football, they need to think outside the box. They need someone who knows football. Who loves football. Who can coach the heck out of a high school team to get them a winning season. I have the perfect coach in mind: Freshman Quarterback Ike Wiley.

Now I know what you're thinking... "Brodie that's the dumbest idea you've ever had." Well, you're wrong. And you're talking to yourself because I can't hear you, that's not how the internet works. You're also thinking, "Why not Senior Quarterback Nick Wellman?" Because, he's graduating, and won't be here next year. DUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH! Now who's coming up with dumb ideas. THINK McFLY, THINK!

Here's why Freshman Quarterback Ike Wiley would be the perfect head coach, in just two words. Lance Harbor. That's right, Paul Walker's star making role as the injured starting QB to Dawson Creek's (that's the actor's name right? Dawson Creek?) Johnny "Mox" Moxon, back-up-turned-starting quarterback of the West Canaan Coyotes.

Lance Harbor took a hit to the knee, after many other hits to the knee and had a devious, evil head coach who refused to do anything about it. That took him out of the game he loved. Was that going to stop him?! Heck no! He stood by his team during every game he could once he got out of the hospital. And when Bud Kilmer's shenanigans came to a head and he was finally forced out of the locker room by the team during half-time of the final game, who stepped up to coach the team to a win in the second half? THAT'S RIGHT! LANCE FREAKIN' HARBOR!

Lance Harbor stepped into the big shoes, and filled them nicely. He went on to college, and became a very successful coach, at least according to the voice over epilogue delivered by Dawson Creek. But look at what he does. Giving the go-ahead to an Oopty-Oop play, allowing no-huddle offense. Gutsy, bold moves, and it paid off. He trusted his players, and they trusted him.

Still not on-board with the idea of a player becoming the coach? Need I remind you of a little film called D2: The Mighty Ducks? Charlie Conway, center, captain, and team leader of the District-Five Mighty Ducks. When Adam Banks' injury heals just in time for the final showdown with Team Iceland at the Junior Goodwill Games, Conway steps up as an assistant coach to Gordon Bombay, and BOOM goes the dynamite, Ducks win in a shocking upset.

That's two player coaches who did well by their teams, while they were still just teenagers. And if you need a third instance, then.... whatever Little Big League, about the kid who owns the Twins and names himself Manager. I know it's baseball, and he wasn't a player, but... work with me.

So there we go. Ike Wiley, step on up to the big chair, you're the new QND Head Football Coach. Problems solved. Prayers answered. We'll see everyone at the championships.

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