If you have ever wanted to be in a TV commercial, now's your chance. Table Sixteen Productions is looking for actors for a couple of January shoots, and they're looking for actors!

According to a recent Facebook post, the casting directors are looking for the following "types"...

  • Mother of 16/17-year-old high school student
  • 16/17-year-old high school student
  • College age male
  • Someone 30-50 years of age who can "flip out on command at various levels"

I think I know a few people that could fit that last one without having to stretch too far. :)

If you or someone you know meets one of these descriptions and wants to throw your hat(s) in the ring, please call Table Sixteen Productions for more information.

As much as I love TV, I can't see myself as an actor. I can barely memorize my social security number, so taking on a script would be a bit of a challenge. But if you think you have what it takes, give it a shot!