Quincy is NOT Chicago...BUT maybe the area would be better if in this one way Quincy was more like Chicago, let me explain...

So in my two short years of living in Quincy, after moving here from Chicago, I have come to love this little town and the Tri-States as a whole! But one of the things that I notice still a lot when I drive around the Gem City is those yard signs that say "Quincy is NOT Chicago" and I get it, the point of those signs is obviously politically driven, trying to make the point that the laws in the big city don't always apply to the folks in the rest of the state. BUT there is a way that I believe that IF Quincy was more like Chicago it would make life in the Tri-States more fun and bring us all together more.

The Chicago Water Taxi.

If you listen to "Mornings with Mark and Sam" you may have heard my rant about wishing there was a monorail that a billionaire like Bill Gates could build for us connecting the downtowns of Quincy, Hannibal, and Canton, with stops in Palmyra and the Mark Twain Casino as well. Obviously no Billionaire is going to come in and build us a monorail BUT maybe someone with some boats could create the Tri-State Water Taxi service.

You see in Chicago the Chicago Water Taxi, takes you to different stops in the downtown using a boat on the river and its wayyyyy faster and wayyyy more fun then driving in the downtown, so my proposal would be for someone to use that concept here with boats and the Mississippi river! Think about how much more often you'd go for dinner and drinks in Hannibal if you knew you didn't have to drive back to Quincy! You could have stops on the Hannibal riverfront, the Quincy riverfront, the Mark Twain Casino and Canton's riverfront (Sorry Palmyra).

Maybe there is a good reason why no one has created this BRILLIANT company idea yet, but I think it would be a homerun of an idea to bring to the Tri-States, do you?

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