Jury Duty is never fun, but at least you get paid to do it right? Well, in the Show-Me State of Missouri the "getting paid" thing is what makes jury duty extra frustrating. We were shocked to see how little the state of Missouri pays people for Jury Duty.

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I stumbled upon this article from fox4kc.com, and it really shocked me. According to the article the state of Missouri pays a nearly nationwide low $6 an hour for people to do jury duty. What?!?! I have never done jury duty, but the thing everyone says is great about it you get paid to be there. $6 an hour is less than half of the minimum wage at a fast-food restaurant. In the article they say...

"While inflation and hourly rates for most jobs are going up, Missouri pays its jurors just $6 a day. Some prosecutors and lawmakers hoping to change that...Colorado is one of 10 states paying jurors $50 a day and nearby Iowa pays $30 according to the National Center for State Courts. Missouri’s pay of $6 is only ahead of Mississippi nationally."

The article does go on to say that certain counties in Missouri will pay more and that there are state representatives pushing for legislation to make that $6 go to $25. To read the complete article for yourself click here!

Now according to this website, jury duty in the Land of Lincoln can get you $50 a day. I have never worked jury duty, if you have how much did you get paid, and did you think it was a fair wage for the travel and the work you were doing?

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