So…it snowed this weekend. Like, a lot. The region’s milk/bread/egg supply pretty much up and vanished, we realized once again how terrible everyone else is at driving, and we all wished we’d been a little nicer to that neighbor down the street with the new snowblower. Man, I hate that guy.

And with that first snowfall of the new year, I got to do my favorite snowy weather tradition: staying the hell inside and looking at other people’s snow pictures on social media. Barring locusts and most frogs, snow is the worst precipitation by far (hey snow, get off my lawn!) And I’m going to avoid it at all costs short of moving south because I’m too lazy to actually do anything about it besides complain on the internet. And here we are.

Anyway, we asked you for your favorite snow photos from the weekend and y’all did not disappoint. You hit us with snowmen, snow angels, sledding, and lots and lots of rulers. We even got a photo of ‘90s Canadian rapper “Snow” because I guess we weren’t specific enough. Still counts, I suppose.

Atlantic Recording Corporation
Atlantic Recording Corporation

So while you put Icy-Hot on that driveway shoveling injury, spike your hot chocolate, and commit to finally buying that remote start you’ve been talking about since last February, enjoy some of the best scenes from Snowpacolypsemageddon 2019.

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