Hannibal BBQ Festival wants your input on whether the event should happen or or not.

Coronavirus has changed the way we look at large gatherings and events, and it is something that every event from here on out has to be aware of until there is a vaccine. Here in Illinois large events look like they wont be happening until there is a vaccine, while in other states like Missouri there are no restrictions on large groups of people gathering, as long as some social distancing can be maintained for the time being.
Hannibal BBQ Festival is looking to build off the massive success of their first year, last year, and is scheduled to take place on July 17th and 18th this year. However the people running the festival want to make sure they are taking all the steps necessary to have a successful year two, so they want your input! They posted on their Facebook page yesterday a long post asking for festival goers to let them know if they SHOULD or SHOULD'NT host the Hannibal BBQ Festival in 2020. Here is part of their Facebook post...

"...with over 11,000 people attending our concerts thanks to you the fans and people of our great community. We want to move forward with our 2nd Annual Event for 2020 but also want to feel we have our community behind us to go forward in 2020...We all may not agree on things in our community but remember our Community is stronger as #1. Please no bashing on here just looking for community input on honest concerns and support. God Bless."

To see the full post from the Hannibal BBQ Fest click here!

So they want to know from you all do you think they should go ahead with the festival this year or should they postpone/cancel the event, they ask that you please comment or message them with your thoughts through their Facebook page which can be found by clicking here!

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