One of the fastest growing and best paying industries is of course the tech industry, with entry-level jobs featuring starting pay that matches or even beats the national median household income. That's entry-level. That's just to start. Where can you go from there? The sky is the limit, but you've gotta start somewhere. Google has partnered with Coursera to give you a leg up.

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There are currently 150,000 open IT jobs in the US, so to fill those vacancies, you can take a year long certification course through Google and Coursera to learn the basics of IT Support, Networking and Security. According to them you'll be able to go in blind with no experience, or if you have a familiarity with IT already, that's a solid leg-up.

It's a six course certificate program hand designed by the experts at Google, and once you have your certificate, they'll put you in contact with some major companies to get you placed with an IT department. It's $50 a month, and if you devote some solid time to it, you can be done in eight months. For full details, and info on how to enroll, head to the Coursera website.

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