It won't cost you that much in Missouri for Thanksgiving dinner this year.

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I went to the grocery store this past weekend to get everything I needed for Thanksgiving and let me tell you it was not cheap. However, Missouri is one of the states that won't cost you as much for your Thanksgiving meal. According to the American Farm Bureau,

This Thanksgiving, the least expensive food region for Thanksgiving dinner is the Midwest at $58.66, followed by the South at $59.10, the West at $63.89, and the Northeast as the most expensive at $64.38.

Don't get me wrong, it's still going to cost, but there are some savings for the big meal this weekend. There's more good news. Seems too that this year turkey costs and even food costs are down. So even though it might seem high, prices are getting lower each year.

American Farm Bureau Federation
American Farm Bureau Federation

You might have to go to a few different places to save on items you need for Thanksgiving, use coupons, and if you are having family over have each member bring one (or two) dishes to help with the cost. No matter what you do you know that you won't be paying as much as those who live on the east or west coast.

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