Girls' sports have been a hot topic for people across the United States over the last couple of years, but this is exciting news for high school girls who love the biggest sport in America! Here are the details...

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According to an article from NBC Chicago, Girls Flag Football will become an official high school sport in the Land of Lincoln starting in the fall of 2024. In the article from NBC Chicago, they say...

"The IHSA announced Wednesday that girls flag football will become an official high school sport in Illinois starting this fall...More than 100 Illinois high schools will compete in flag football this year and 40 more schools will join in 2025, according to the IHSA...Illinois becomes the ninth state to offer girls flag football in high school."

The article goes on to mention how flag football is growing in colleges as well and there are scholarships out there for these athletes to go get. Also, flag football is expected to continue to grow as it will be an official Olympic Sport for men and women at the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. To read more about this exciting news for girls in the Land of Lincoln, click here!

An exciting time for female athletes in Illinois

I love seeing this news! Football is the most watched sport in America, it is the most popular sport in America, and women are a part of that growth and love not just men. So being able to foster and grow the sport with young girls here in the state of Illinois is a terrific thing, especially if there are scholarship opportunities available to them to play at the next level. Who knows, with the exposure of Flag Football in the Olympics there may be a legitimate professional women's Flag Football League in the next decade!

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