It's Pi Day, that special day for all the math nerds where where the month and date form the first three digits of Pi, 3.14. Or three years ago when it was 3.1415. Or you could even pull the time into it, and the last true Pi Day was 426 years ago on March, 14th 1592 at 6:53:58 (3/14/1592 at 6:53:58). That all depends on how precisely nerdy you want to get with your Pi Day.

But if you just want the nerds to shut up about their spherical circumferences, and just get to the food discounts, well... here we are.

Village Inn


This one's more of a Pi Day adjacent deal. Pi Day happens to fall on Wednesday this year, and every Wednesday, you can get a free slice of pie with any purchase. It's a happy coincidence. Wait... nope, this is a holiday, so IT'S A PI DAY MIRACLE!

Papa Murphy's


At my favorite take-n-bake pizza joint, you can get a large one-topping pizza pie for just $3.14. GET IT?! Cause Pi. Yeah. Good times. I'll just get a banana at the store and slice that up onto the pepperoni pizza I get and call it a day. Seriously, banana pizza. Try it.

Papa John's

Getty Images

And finally, another Pi Day adjacent deal, as sources confirm this is an on-going deal, rather than specific to Pi Day, but if you want to spend 25% less on a slab of cardboard smothered in ketchup and velveeta, you can put in the code 25DISC when placing an order online, and magically your order becomes slightly less overpriced.

Sidenote, for the next true Pi moment, we have to wait 13,908 years, for March 14th, 15926, 5:36:00 (rounded, that's the closest we'll get). Assuming we still use the same standards of time measurement we do now.