Garth Brooks took a little time out of his jam-packed schedule to do some teaching and help Jimmy Kimmel write his very first country song. The country superstar and late night host sat down for songwriting session that turned humorous pretty quickly.

Looking for inspiration for his first country song, Brooks prompts Kimmel to think about a meaningful story to him that can connect to other people, which inspires the song about the host's friend Daniel, "a pasty Irish man" and the time Kimmel paid $1,000 to Boogaloo Shrimp — a character known for his pop-and-lock dance moves in the film Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo — to teach Dan how to dance in a similar fashion as a birthday present, but Boogaloo never showed.

The two then sit down for an emotional performance of the new song, both donning Brooks' signature wireless headset microphone as Kimmel busts out his "country music voice" to sing lyrics like "He dances like your dad / Wants to pop-and-lock real bad / So I tried to make that happen for my friend." 

"I love this," Brooks says in support of their new hit. "It's my honor just to sit here and watch you write that."

Brooks is gearing up for the release of his new album, Gunslinger, due out on Nov. 25 and is currently promoting its first single, "Baby Let's Lay Down and Dance." He recently served as a mentor to the Top 12 contestants on The Voice and continues to tour alongside wife Trisha Yearwood on a three-year World Tour.

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