October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month which should serve as a great reminder for  women to get mammograms and check-ups. The Hancock County Health Department is making it much easier.The Hancock County Health Department has teamed up with the Blessing Breast Center (927 Broadway, Suite 320) to give eligible women an opportunity to get free mammograms. Here are some of the qualifications:

  • Women who don't have health insurance
  • Women who do have health insurance that doesn't pay for screenings
  • Women who do have health insurance where a deductible must be met before it covers the services
  • Women who are the ages between 35 and 64

If you are a woman that meets any of these requirements, call the Hancock County Health Department at 217-357-2171 to make an appointment. Tests can be done any time throughout the year as provided by the Hancock County Health Department the Illinois Breast and Cervical Cancer Program. I have not done a mammogram, but it's about that time where I need to. Some believe you should start when you're 40, but 35 a safer suggestion. And seeing as though I'm past that age, I'll be scheduling mine soon.