Calling all people with Green Thumbs, Lowe's is going to hook you up to start gardening season!

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March is almost over and April is set to begin, and we all know "April showers bring May Flowers" so now is the time to get outside for all you gardeners to make the most of your green space! Lowe's is wanting to help all the weekend warrior gardeners out there crush this gardening season by giving away Free "Garden-to-Go" Kits in April.

According to an article on the website (to read the full article click here!) Thursday's in the month of April Lowe's is giving away FREE "Garden-to-Go" kits, and all you have to do is sign up for one and pick it up! In the article they say...

"To receive your complimentary kit, all you have to do is head on over to starting April 1st to reserve one. You can then pick it up the following Thursday during a special curbside event. There will be a different Garden-to-Go kit each week — two of which will come in unique packaging."

So you can start registering for the kits on Thursday, April 1st, and it's all done on

I have already told my Dad about this! He is a gardening fanatic who loves any opportunity to get out there and work on his garden. I did not inherit that skill or love from him however, I struggle to keep house plants alive! But I think this is a really cool giveaway from Lowe's as a way to get people coming on back to their stores.

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