For years, literally years, we have been have been crying to the heavens that baby, they're just fireworks. Finally, the state of Illinois may let us ignite the light, let it shine, and own the night on the Fourth of July, as long as the bill presented to the State legislature goes through.

Personally, I really want to let the colors burst. Poppers and sparklers just don't hold the same majesty of fountains and mortars. We gotta show 'em what we're worth, and smokers just don't cut it.

According to this Chicago Tribune article, we're one of four states with strict no fireworks laws, and none of our bordering states are any of the other three. For some reason I want to say Delaware is, though. Delaware just seems like a state that would ban the fun fireworks. So despite the bans, we hop in our cars, and cross over into Missouri or Wisconsin or Indiana and get those fireworks that make 'em go "Oh! Oh! Oh!" as they shoot across the sky-y-y!

It hasn't done anything to curb firework related injuries. Literally nothing. Every fourth of July, some idiot says "Hold my beer!" and blows off his fingers, despite the ban. Because there they are five minutes away in the Show Me State. This bill is mostly a "Listen, everyone's buying them anyway, at least let us get in on that sweet sweet sales tax money!" move from bill sponsor State Rep. Barbara Wheeler.

I hope the bill passes and we get fun fireworks again. I want to sit out and set off those big fireworks that go boom, boom, boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.

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