Another example of a fireball falling from the sky captured in Missouri.

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This time the fireball was caught in Missouri and seen by several different cameras and people. The really interesting thing about this fireball unlike others that I have written about, is that this one takes its time falling from the sky, whereas others are super fast, and if you blink you'll miss it.

There were 32 different reports of the fireball and it was seen in seven states. I swear that this summer I am going to sit on my deck for hours just recording the sky and waiting to see one of these fireballs, falling stars, falling meteors, or UFOs from the sky. I just want to see one for myself so bad. It's amazing that we have cameras all over to captures these events, but I just need and want to see one with my own eye. I guess that would be MY proof that these are just falling stars.

I would like to see what happens to these fireballs after they fall from the sky. What's left? If anything, what do they look like when they hit the ground? I am sure there are pictures all over the internet of these falling fireballs, but again I would love to just see one for myself.

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