You might think bunnies are cute and gentle animals. That's not quite accurate. One Illinois rabbit in particular took exception to a sweatshirt and there's a good reason for his fury.

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This wild hare moment happened in Lake Forest, Illinois a few days ago. Here's how the owner explained what you're about to see:

Domestic bunnies are territorial. We recently took in a foster bunny, rescued from outside. I held the foster while wearing this sweatshirt. I knew the sweatshirt would smell like the new bunny and that it could upset Ben. I was taking the shirt straight to the laundry, but Ben's incredible sniffer already detected the scent. He ran out of his room and attacked the sweatshirt before I made it to the laundry. This is why rabbits need to be introduced slowly and through a process. If you just throw 2 bunnies together they could very well kill each other.

They're not wrong. Watch this fuzzy bunny completely come unglued.

The Animal Humane Society documents why rabbits behave this way and what you need to watch out for. Biting, kicking, urinating are all possible outcomes if you get one rabbit too close to another that's a stranger. I had no clue that these gentle animals had the potential to suddenly become Bruce Lee.

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