Far be it for me to tell Faith Hill how to drop relatable banter during her shows…but come on!

On her recent stop in St. Louis with hubbie and recent quinquagenarian Tim McGraw (there’s your word of the day by the way), Faith told the packed house how she had been watching the NFL Draft prior to coming on stage. A bit of reactionary cheering turned quickly into jeers.

“They’re not booing you,” Tim says reassuringly. “I know why they’re booing…The Rams.”

If the instant magnification of the boos was any indication, Tim hit the nail on the head. St. Louis has not, and likely will never, forgive Rams owner Stan Kroenke and his greedy constituents that sent the team to Los Angeles in 2016.

“I had nothing to do with that,” she quipped, bringing the crowd right back on her side as Tim proceeded to re-amp the crowd with shoutouts to the Blues and the Cardinals.

It’s okay, Faith. We still love you.

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