Many of us will be celebrating this 4th of July with lots and lots of food and dessert. If you're looking to what pie to bring to that Missouri BBQ Party you might want to try this.

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Nothing says the 4th like hot dogs, swimming, BBQ, and PIE! Well, if you are looking to bring the best of the best when it comes to pie especially if you're in Missouri try the Butterscotch Pie. According to the Food Network, the Butterscotch Pie is the best when it comes to the best pie in Missouri.

Butterscotch pie is a Midwestern staple. Lip-smacking butterscotch pudding sits in a crust under a layer of cream cheese and fluffy Cool Whip.

The food experts go on to say if you just happen to be in the southwestern part of Missouri to stop by Cooky's Cafe to get the very best Butterscotch Pie in the Show-Me State. I got to be honest, I was thinking more like a pumpkin, cherry, or apple even, butterscotch wasn't even on my radar. Now, I'm not knocking it I'm sure it's a fantastic pie, but with all the pies to choose from that is what these food experts pick? I question their reasoning.

If I were you and you happen to have a BBQ to go to this holiday weekend, I would stick to the classics just in case.

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