Have you ever felt the need to find a quiet place to gather your thoughts?  Do you find it harder to do this with the constant barrage of social media we are nearly forced to be a part of every day?  Please don't misunderstand what I'm getting at here.  I THOROUGHLY enjoy interacting with everyone via Facebook, web, email....etc.  But, over the past few days, I found myself searching for some peace and quiet and it scared me just a little bit how hard it was/is to actually escape the hustle and bustle of our new digital world.

If you follow my show's Facebook page (and you deserve a medal if you do), you may have noticed that I haven't posted anything new there for a few days.  Any posts you've seen on the KICK-FM Facebook page have been put there by other KICK-FM staff, not me.  I haven't posted or commented on anything on my personal Facebook page either.  Despite my commitment to "go dark" on Facebook for a few days, I can't even begin to express the pull that I feel to dive back in.  It makes me wonder if the world has gone off the deep end and forgotten what it's like to unplug and find some peace and quiet.

I'm curious how you cope with your involvement with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all the other digital parts of our world these days.  Do you ever try to take a break and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyone's latest status updates?

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