The Quincy Riverfront could be getting its renovations in 8 different phases, either way we are excited!

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One of the biggest storylines locally of 2020, besides COVID-19 and everything surrounding the pandemic, was the planning of the new riverfront development along the Mississippi in Quincy. We took the surveys, and did all the talk backs, and Q&A sessions, and now we are here in early 2021 getting an idea of what the plan is and how it will be implemented.

According to our friends at the Herald-Whig, to see the article CLICK HERE, the new plan for the riverfront here in Quincy will be rolled out over 8 different phases, in the article they say...

"An eight-phase rollout of Quincy Riverfront Master Plan projects was outlined during Thursday’s steering committee meeting...Quincy Planning and Development Director Chuck Bevelheimer said he thought the order of the phases made sense but the plan should offer the flexibility to complete projects out of order depending on the availability of grant funding. Duke said the master plan would offer leeway for projects to be intermingled based on funding..."

From the article we can gather that Phase 1 and 2 would take care of the new event space, and the fountain area, that way those spaces could be finished and usable right away while work is being done on the bigger longer projects like the pedestrian bridge to the island, the different docks, redevelopment of streets for shopping and retail, and others.

I am so excited to see these plans start coming to life! I think this redevelopment will be huge for Quincy to maintain and grow it's importance to the Tri-States.

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