There are some events that transcend sponsorship and underwriting. Ethan's Rodeo is one of those events.

The event takes place this Friday and Saturday (8/17&18) at the Adams County Fairgrounds near Mendon.

On Friday, gates open at 5:30 and rodeo events begin at 7:30. On Saturday, gates open at 3 and events start at 7:30. The group, Highway 99, will be performing both nights.

All proceeds from the rodeo benefit neuroblastoma research, the same cancer that Ethan battled, and which accounts for nearly fifteen percent of all childhood cancer deaths.

Let's go back a few years. Ethan Weiman was a sweet little boy that was diagnosed with this cancer in 2007. After enduring the chemo treatments, the prodding and tests, followed by more hospital stays and procedures, this little man dreamed about horses - and cowboys. After his treaments he asked for and received a cowboy hat, that also doubled as a cover for his head, since his hair had fallen out.

Next, it was boots and buckles and other things that set cowboys apart in their dress from most of us.

After his disease resurfaced, and after extended treatments away from home, Ethan returned home to a horse; apparently something that this young man hat put quite a bit of thought in to.

Ethan went home to Heaven, in June, 2009, but his spirit and love of rodeo and all things western, lives on in the hearts and minds of his family and those that knew him.

This rodeo is an extension of their love and support for Ethan; this courageous little boy, that had a cowboy's heart of gold.

Many businesses and volunteers work hard all year, to coordinate this event. I personally thank those associated with it.  I hope that you and if you're a parent, you and your children, help celebrate Ethan's life and attend His rodeo this Friday and Saturday.

Let's stay strong to find a cure, and remember this remarkable "little cowboy."



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