Check out this video that shows off the creepy glowing eyes of a bobcat walking through the woods in a town outside of St. Louis, Missouri.

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This video was uploaded to YouTube just a little over 2 months ago by a YouTube user called ptnelsonster, the video is quite short, only 44 seconds to be exact, it gives you this really intense (and creepy I would add) look at a bobcat stalking through the woods at night. Later on, in the video, you see shots of the bobcat in the daylight and some more nighttime shots as well, but it is the first part of the video that is a must-watch in my opinion.

It's the eyes that get me... how spooky is that, I know the bobcat isn't massive like a lion, in fact in the description of the video the caption says...

" I estimate he’s an average size male, ~33 inches long, ~13 inches tall at the shoulder, ~17 inches tall in the rear and ~24 lbs."

Sooo ya obviously I feel like I could take this bobcat in a fight, I'm 6'5" tall and on the wrong side of 250lbs BUT I promise you if I was in the woods at night and saw those eyes staring at me I would run like a bat out of hell! The video description says this bobcat was seen in the woods just outside of Wright City, Missouri, so it's not exactly a rural tiny remote area, which makes me wonder have you seen a bobcat where you live in Missouri?

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