Are you THAT person that listens to everyone in the office gossip? Well, you might want to not do that anymore especially if you are in Illinois.

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I had no idea that this was illegal or even something that can land you in jail. However, there is an Illinois Law that if you are "caught" eavesdropping you could be hit with a pretty big fine and face up to three years in jail. It's considered a Class 4 felony offense.

 (b) Eavesdropper.
    An eavesdropper is any person, including any law enforcement officer and any party to a private conversation, who operates or participates in the operation of any eavesdropping device contrary to the provisions of this Article or who acts as a principal, as defined in this Article.

Now, an eavesdropping device does include your own personal ears.

 An eavesdropping device is any device capable of being used to hear or record oral conversation or intercept, or transcribe electronic communications whether such conversation or electronic communication is conducted in person, by telephone, or by any other means; Provided, however, that this definition shall not include devices used for the restoration of the deaf or hard-of-hearing to normal or partial hearing.

Mind blown. I had no idea. Let's face it how many of us have at least eavesdropped on at least one conversation in our life? At the water cooler, at a sports game/event, listening in on a girl or guy talk, it probably happens on a daily basis, but don't get caught cause it can cost you. Now, if you do eavesdrop don't use a recording device because I think that's what they can use in court, but if you happen to use your ears I am not sure how they could prove that in court. But what do I know I am no lawyer.

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