Deer are so common in our area, you have to actually try to NOT see a deer. However, it's not likely you'll ever see a deer as white as the one just captured on video in Missouri.

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Here's the backstory that was shared on Rumble by Ark Media about this very unusual and rare animal:

Dale Richardson was passing through the Marshfield area on April 7th when he saw the ghostly white deer head pop up from the long grass in the field adjacent to the road.

Dale slowed down and admired the natural beauty before honking his horn and shouting at the herd of whitetail deer to warn them away from the road.

Dale said: "I was lucky enough to get to video this beautiful white deer, a whitetail, and it's two normal friends."

It's Bambi but without the normal pigments you see in most deer.

How rare are white deer like this? A couple years ago, a hunter got a white deer near the end of hunting season and the Missouri Department of Conservation said that was 1 in 30,000. Translation? You're not likely to see a white deer in your lifetime.

Thankful that Dale Richardson had the presence of mind to grab his phone camera and share video with the rest of us of one of nature's rarest animal colors.

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