Sorry We Are Closed

After 11 years in business, Premier Diva is set to close on April 25th, another reminder on how important it is to shop local.

Starting now, the going out of business sale is undweway. There will be weekly percentages off, and the store owner is stocked up and ready for you. Premier Diva and been that store that truly made you feel like a diva. With always having items under $39, affordable, and most importantly, getting a warm smile and hug when you walk in, you never get that in a big box store.

I need to be honest, when I first saw this post last night on Facebook I had to read it twice, I couldn't believe it. I will miss Premier Diva, and I know I am not alone in saying that. But when you shop online, go to big box stores, and spend your money elsewhere, this is a result of not spending money local. 

To Gerilynn, thank you for 11 years of making all of us find our inner diva. Your store and your kindness that you have spread these 11 years will be missed terribly. 

To you the customer, please remember that these business owners spend HOURS making sure that they have products in their business that to bring you into the downtown area and enjoy. Whether it's clothes, furniture, party supplies, food, or fun items, before you buy online shop local. You never know, you may find a friendship with the business owner like I did with Gerilynn.

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