A telegram sent more than 90 years ago to a Quincyan named Rome Arnold has re-emerged and an area Facebooker is asking for your help in tracking down the family.

Sent on February 19, 1927 from Paris to Quincy, the yellowed message reads “HOMESICK FOR YOU AND SACK HAVE CHANGED PLANS WILL ARRIVE QUINCY APRIL TENTH MUCH LOVE -MABEL”. The original envelope from the Postal Telegraph-Cable Company is included as well.

Marissa Janielle Beard purchased the document from the Memphis, Missouri Antique Fair approximately five years ago and recently shared to the Quincy Area Swap Shop group in hopes of gaining a lead.

“Hoping to find the family of the one who sent or received this telegram. Let me know if any names look familiar! If you can show me it’s from your family, you can have it,” she writes.

One commenter appears to have traced a Rome and Mabel Arnold to the Quincy home located at 2110 Maine during the 1920s. “Still researching,” she adds.

If you know of anyone that might have a lead for Marissa, please share and/or let Marissa know. It would be great if this piece of history could find its way back to the Arnold family.

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