We all know that Illinois and Missouri are very different from each other, and having to yield during a funeral procession is one of those differences.

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In Illinois isn't a state law that you have to yield/pull over as a funeral procession is taking place, in Missouri however you do. The law states:

Pedestrians and operators of all other vehicles shall yield the right-of-way to any vehicle which is a part of an organized funeral procession.

Even pedestrians have to yield as a funeral procession is taking place. Although, I feel like no one here in the Tri-States needs this to be a law. Many community members already do this to honor those and pay their respect even if they have no idea who the funeral is for. It's all about respect for the person who passed and the family.

Most of the time the funeral home does take care of the traffic and as long as you are in the procession all vehicles in the procession shall follow the lead vehicle through the intersection. Just another reason why the Midwest is such a great place to live, people paying their respects just by taking a minute to pull over and let the funeral procession pass is very humbling.

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