This week, Mark wrote an article about sleeping with your pets, and most of you do. However, it got me thinking, how many of you co-sleep with your kiddos?

I have to admit I did (still do sometimes). Ava was premature, and I constituently worried about her when she was a tiny human. She suffered from so many ear infections and would run high fevers, I would have her in bed with my husband and I to keep an eye on her, and it just stuck. She would get a year older, and I would tell myself “this is the year,” and nope she would still come and sleep with us.

I know, I know studies say you shouldn't, pediatricians say you shouldn't, but I felt that this is my child and I will do what I want. To this day, (she is 9 years old) she will come in and sleep with us. It may not be every night, maybe once or twice a month, but she still comes into our bed, and to be honest, I don't mind. She's nine now, in six years she won't want to snuggle with mom and dad so I am taking it all in.

With Alexis, we did not co-sleep as much, but every now and then she will sneak into our bedroom and snuggle. In my opinion, it really is up to you and what works best for your family. Are you starting a bad habit? Maybe. Are you bonding with your child? Maybe. Are you taking in every second of their childhood before they become teenagers and want to hang with their friends more then you? Maybe.

Whatever you decide, it’s your decision, and until they get tired of me, or get older, my girls will be allowed in our bed for as long as they want to.


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