Does your Dog share the bed with you? Should they? Or Shouldn't they?

So as you know if you listen to "Mornings with Mark and Sam" that I have an adorable rescue dachshund named Murphy, yes that's him with his favorite blanket (Bear Down) laying on a pillow on my couch. Over the years of having many dogs in my life I have only on the rarest occasions let my dog sleep in the bed with me, like when the dog is sick, or injured, something like that where I need to keep a close eye on them for a night or two. But that's it. I have had many people say I'm crazy for not letting my dog sleep in the same bed with me every night, but to me I just don't get good enough sleep if I have the dog in bed with me.

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So I did some digging on the internet and found this article from CBS News a could years ago talking about the Pros and Cons to having the dog sleep in the bed with you. And here is an interesting point I found, they say in the article...

"A small study from the Mayo Clinic finds that sleeping in the same room with your pet does not appear to affect quality of sleep. In fact, it may actually lead to a more restful night. However, that benefit does not extend to people who actually shared their bed with their pet, which the research found may negatively affect sleep quality."

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Basically it's really hard to prove that the dog sleeping in the bed with you is good for you or bad for you, I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we all sleep differently. I personally am fine if Murphy sleeps in my room with me, and we do that fairly often because he wakes up to my alarm and really them forces me out of bed to feed and walk him. So I think it is based on just how you sleep, if you sleep better and feel comfortable with the dog cuddling up on you at night go for it, more power to you, I wont judge. But it's just not right for me, maybe it's because I'm a giant man and he is a tiny dog and I worry I'll crush him. So, does your dog share the bed with you?

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