My kids want to go to Disney World so bad, but it seems like I'd have to take out a second mortgage on my home to make that happen. However, having a Sam's Club membership might save the day for me.

Disney announced that they have teamed up with Sam's Club to offer discounts on park tickets. If you have a Sam's membership, you can save some money (close to $70 per ticket in some cases) on your getaway to the Happiest Place On Earth. You can save with single park tickets too as prices (depending on the package) start at just $42. The best part? ALL tickets will include the Disney FastPass, which gets you to the front of the line instantly and saves you hours of line waiting time.

This is a game changer. Many families (like mine) can't easily afford a trip to Disney, so it's nice to see that my Sam's membership can come in handy even on a proposed family vacation. Though I'm sure we'll still find ways to spend that saved money inside the park. There are plenty of merchandise booths and foods to try. In any case, looks like we might be able to make it to Disney sooner than later.