Ok ladies, it's time to have a real conversation about this 1970's Vogue Magazine ad that I found.

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We know that dieting is hard, and you really need to have get you mind in the game to really get into the whole eating right and exercising. Man, I have tried every diet trend out there, and I just love my pasta and bread too much. Then I found this ad from a 1970's Vogue Magazine ad that really blow my mind as to what they thought was an ideal diet.

It's a 3-day diet plan, which you're probably thinking I could do a diet for three days, but take a look at what the diet entails.

So, you're telling me that I can lose 5-lbs. in three days just by eating eggs and drinking white wine? I guess you do reward yourself with a steak at the end, and you gotta love black coffee.

I would sign myself up for this sort of diet, but the picky eater I am I hate eggs and not a fan of white wine. I wonder if this diet is still valid in 2021, I mean first eggs were good for you, then bad, then good again, then bad, and now I think they are good again. Ugh, would someone please make up their minds. Also, who wants to eat this meal for three days, maybe that's why you lose 5-lbs. you're really not eating anything. And another thing, if you're going to put wine in a diet plan, can you make it 2 glasses a wine a meal? I don't know what they were thinking in the 70's, but they really must have loved, coffee, eggs and white wine.

Whatever diet trend you try I would probably suggest not doing this one, although if you do say heck why not, let me know if you actually lose 5-lbs., I may have to put my hatred for eggs aside and try it. 

Maybe not.

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