Sometimes it pays to be a little late to the game (no pun intended). If you're an early adopter of NextGen tech, the bugs haven't been worked out. You'll be dealing with the growing pains while they work stuff out. I didn't get a Playstation 3 until 2011, just a few years ahead of the PS4 release. But all the kinks had been worked out, so it was good. So yeah, sometimes it pays to be a little late to the game. Unfortunately, this time, it pays to be an early adopter.

Sony Debuts Playstation 3
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Long story short, this resolves a problematic 'OtherOS' feature that PS3 owners used to partition their onboard hard-drives, but Sony removed with a software update. There was a class action suit, Sony settled for $3.75 million, and you get a cut of that if you owned one of the original "fat" models of PS3 between November 2006 (its original launch) and April 2010, when Sony removed the feature. That means you could be eligible for up to $65. To find out if you're eligible, and how to file a claim, visit the claimant website here.

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