If you've been missing the days of Atari, or time spent at the old video game arcade, Google Maps is here for you today. Right now you can play Pac-Man on the streets of Quincy or Hannibal, or anywhere you want to!

Just pick your location on Google Maps, click start and voila! All the regular old Pac-Man features are included and you can choose to play in any town you want. I was never a big video game person myself, in fact Pac-Man is one of only a handful of games I've ever played, but playing the popular throwback game while using the streets of your own town adds a whole new wrinkle.

So go to Google Maps and look for the Pac-Man box in the lower left hand corner and turn your home town, or New York City, or any place you want into an instant game board! We aren't sure how long it is going to last, so have some fun with it now!

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