I was born in Missouri and my wife is from Iowa so I'll have to be real careful here. But, I've learned that both states once went to war over honey. It was a real conflict that fortunately had no casualties...until now.

I've learned the history of what is known as The Honey War thanks to a video share from one of my favorite YouTube channels This House.

Here's the Wikipedia definition of the Missouri/Iowa Honey War:

The Honey War was a bloodless territorial dispute in 1839 between Iowa Territory and Missouri over their border...The dispute over a 9.5-mile-wide (15.3 km) strip running the entire length of the border, caused by unclear wording in the Missouri Constitution on boundaries, misunderstandings over the survey of the Louisiana Purchase, and a misreading of Native American treaties, was ultimately decided by the United States Supreme Court in Iowa's favor.

My Keokuk-born wife will be pleased to know that the straight line extended from her hometown to the west. The hilarious legend is that the "war" began when a Missouri guy cut down 3 hives in Iowa to "collect taxes" in the form of honey instead of money. Iowa took this as an act of war because who wouldn't?

The Honey War didn't really end until 2005 thanks to Missouri continuing to complain and ask for the border to be re-surveyed.

That didn't work out for Missouri as the Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor of Iowa. (*sad face*)

Perhaps this is a lesson if you're a Missourian visiting Iowa and eating in a restaurant that offers breakfast to ask for some honey packets and then bring them home to Missouri as a rebellious act against the Honey War.

It's now possible that I will become the first casualty of the Honey War once my wife reads this. (*shudder*)

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