Some people just love taking video of abandoned places and home, but this video its just plain creepy.

The video takes you on a journey through a millionaire’s home which has only been abandoned for a few years. There is just stuff everywhere, clothes, beds, mattress, expensive art, there's even glass & plates in the dishwasher. It just looks like the family up and left and it really is a creepy, mystery type of video. There are medicine bottles all over the house, and some have pills still in them. You just have to wonder what happened to this once successful lawyer in Missouri to have abandoned his mansion and belongings.

The décor of the home is unique as well. With brick and wood fixtures all over the home, it even has a brick bar (which in a way is a really cool feature).  All of that is strange in itself, but when the camera crew went into the massive garage they were greeted with a really big surprise. A luxury old corvette that needs some major repair. In the comments on the YouTube channel, someone suggested that it’s a 1980s Duntov Turbo Corvette, which was made in Ohio. 

The inside of the classic car looks completely destroyed, but ironically the outside doesn't look that bad. I am not car junkie, but I think it could still be saved if someone really put some money into it. The car could be brought back to life.

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What gets me about the whole video and what makes it creepy is that these people are going through someone else's things. Personal items like medicine, pictures, a certificate to practice law, passports, I mean really personal items. Like I said, kinda creepy, but also just fascinating wanting to know what happened to this family. Take a look at the video and pictures and tell me what you think.

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