Wait.... no. Not schnitzel. SNOW! *GASP*

Listen, I'm from Upper Michigan, I've celebrated both Halloween and Independence Day with snow falling (true stories). So my reaction to snow is a little different than here in the lower Midwest. It's mostly just "Call me when it's waist deep" (also a true story).

But snow is still a story, and in the words of the most famous snow, John, "winter is coming." Granted I have it on good authority John Snow knows nothing. So we'll see. But before winter comes, while we're still here in the middle of fall, we may see our first snowfall of the season, no matter how insignificant it may be. Within the past day, both KHQA and WGEM have put at best an inch of snow accumulation in their Thursday-to-Friday overnight forecasts. Even confirmed it with the National Weather Service just to be sure. It's only an inch, and with ground temps still warm, it should melt off soon, despite the colder temperatures reaching all the way down to 20 on Friday night.

I think I'll wait for the first SIGNIFICANT snowfall, a couple inches that stick around, to bust out the snow boots and hot cocoa. But I will be dreaming of a white Christmas.

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