There is a massive empty space on Broadway between 16th and 14th, I for one would support this idea as the future for that empty space!

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There is a giant empty lot that has been just an open field in Quincy for the 2 and a half years I have lived here. It's on Broadway two blocks long from 14th to 16th streets. Here is a picture.

Google Maps

Apparently there use to be a hospital that filled this lot according to everyone I've talked to that has lived here much longer than me. And cool enough Google Maps has a photo of it too, if you go on 16th street, here is the picture.

Google Maps

UPDATE: Our listener Logan Callahan sent us this cool photo of the old hospital sign.

Logan Callahan

So what should be built there to fill this empty lot? Well that brings me back to the picture at the top of the article, the one of those beautiful new apartment buildings. I am proposing the city of Quincy to reach out to contractors and builders to build something like those new apartments. They would help attract more millennials and gen Z'ers to Quincy, by giving them upscale, new, fully functional apartment spaces, that are within walking distance to the downtown bars, and restaurants, you could even include a dog park. Many suburbs in Chicagoland and St. Louis are building apartments like these because they know that is the style of living that suits the current younger generation. It could help grow Quincy, and would be a real show stopper along Broadway, and could even have retail, and restaurant space in the bases of the buildings, things that would benefit the community beyond the residents.

So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? What is your suggestion for what should be built in that empty lot?

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