There is a report about an Illinois lawmaker who may be trying to LOWER the legal drinking age here in the Land of Lincoln...How low do they want it to go, and is this a good idea?

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According to a report from, a lawmaker in Illinois has proposed lowering the legal drinking age to 18 years old. In the article they say...

"The bill, proposed by Freeport Rep. John Cabello, was introduced on Friday in the state legislature...HB 4021 would lower the state’s legal drinking age to 18 by amending the Liquor Control Act of 1934, which set the drinking age at 21 following the end of Prohibition...The National Minimum Drinking Age Act, passed in 1984, mandated that state’s raise their minimum age for alcohol consumption to 21, with the Ronald Reagan-backed legislation codifying language that would revoke federal highway funding from states that did not comply"

To read more about this proposal click here!

Ok, well file this story under "things I didn't think we'd have to talk about today" what the story doesn't share is WHY this state rep thinks we need to lower the age to 18? What are the benefits? I know the argument about voting, and serving in the military at 18 so why not let them drink too, BUT I would argue we should raise the military and voting age to 21 before we lower the drinking age right? This is obviously just in the beginning stages and probably won't have enough support to go anywhere, but do you think the drinking age should be lowered or stay the same?

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