A new skyscraper will alter the iconic Chicago skyline, it won't be complete until 2027 but the construction is underway. Here is what we know so far about the first of two new skyscrapers being built along the lakefront...

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According to the Chicago Suntimes, construction is set to start on the first of two new skyscrapers along the lakefront in Chicago on the site of the former failed Chicago Spire. The project is in the Streeterville area of downtown Chicago and on the site, they say...

"The property is 400 N. Lake Shore Drive in Streeterville, situated along Chicago’s front door where the river meets Lake Michigan and boats pass through locks to get from one to the other...Related (Midwest the developer) intends to begin construction on one of the two buildings. It would be the northernmost tower, the taller one at 840 feet, or 74 stories, with 635 rental apartments. During a virtual community meeting last week, Related executives said they hoped to start construction in about 45 days, roughly Dec. 1, and complete the tower in the third quarter of 2027."

Why is this important?

As a former Chicago boat tour guide with Wendella Boats, the site this building is being built on is legendary, this area is where construction began on the Chicago Spire which would have been the tallest building in the world at the time. The project went belly up and the hole they dug for the Spire has been there for 15-plus years now. To read all about this new project, click here!

This new tower will eventually have a sister tower that the article says will be 765 ft tall, these two buildings will tower over Lake Shore Drive and the area where the Chicago River meets Lake Michigan near Navy Pier.

The more you know!

Chicago has the 11th most skyscrapers in the world with 137 total skyscrapers, a skyscraper is 500+ feet tall. Only New York City with 316 has more in the USA, while China has 7 cities with over 100 skyscrapers. The next closest city to Chicago in the US for skyscrapers is Miami with 58.

Here are shots from the greatest views in state of Illinois

Gallery Credit: YouTube/ Mark Guillette

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